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The FIRE MOVEMENT is connected to the emotion of JOY which is reflected on the HEART, SOFT INTESTINE, BLOOD VESSELS, TONGUE, COLOR OF THE FACE.

The blemishes that occur if there is an imbalance are CAPILLARY FRAGILITY and VARICES.

It is associated with the SUMMER season. The related climate pathogen is HEAT. The psycho-spiritual activity is SHEN - Spirit.

JOY when lived in a balanced way helps us to respond to external solicitations in a positive way, gives us calm and serenity, creates sympathy and friendship and produces optimism and creativity. If experienced in an excessive and uncontrolled way, EUPHORY and EXCITATION, denotes superficiality and lightness, leads us to ridicule people, does not respect the pain of others, can cause damage to the FIRE MOVEMENT and everything connected to it.

A good balance of the FIRE MOVEMENT gives joy which, communicated to all the other organs through the nervous system, brings harmony, fullness and well-being; it allows us to appreciate life and be comfortable with friends; makes us savor the beauty of honesty, sincerity and consistency; it helps us to play down the situations of life and makes us be extroverted, sunny, smiling; maintains long-term memory.

When to use: EMC FUOCO +T useful for toning up if there is an imbalance due to insufficient energy which manifests itself with:

  • sadness, alternating crying and laughter, disorientation, demotivation, lack of concentration and memory, inconstancy, stammering
  • paleness, asthenia, fatigue, shortness of breath, cold hands, profuse sweating of armpits and hands
  • swollen and pale tongue

How to use: apply on the middle finger, ring finger, little finger and on the palm of the hands or on the specific recommended points, one or more times a day, massaging until completely absorbed.

Functional ingredients: cardiac *, angelica *, elecampane *, black currant leaves *, milk thistle *, dog rose flowers * / leaves * / fruits *, lavender *, stellaria centocchio *.
* Plants cultivated by us

INCI Ingredients: Aqua, Alcohol, Angelica archangelica root extract, Inula helenium extract, Lavandula angustifolia extract, Leonurus cardiaca extract, Ribes nigrum leaf extract, Silybum marianum seed extract, Stellaria media extract, Rosa canina flower extract, Rosa canina leaf extract, Rosa canina fruit extract.

Volume :Versions 50 ml or 100 ml
PAO :12M

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