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The WATER MOVEMENT is connected to the emotion of FEAR which is reflected on the KIDNEY, URINARY BLADDER, BONES, TEETH, HAIR and EARS.

The blemishes that occur if there is imbalance are LYMPHATIC STASES, DARK CIRCLES, ATONIA.

It is associated with the WINTER season. The related climate pathogen is COLD. Psycho-spiritual activity is ZHI - will.

FEAR if lived in a balanced way makes us cautious and attentive, it gives rise to a sense of responsibility. If lived incorrectly, it develops inferiority complexes, it becomes permanent indecision transforming itself into INSECURITY, ANGUISH and TERROR which paralyzes life and creativity, produces somatizations and diseases.

A good balance of the WATER MOVEMENT promotes the will, or the ability to transform one's projects into action, focus on a goal and pursue it with determination; it favors collaboration, helps to listen to others, promotes understanding and discernment, opens us to transcendence; you are able to overcome difficult times and work on your fears; allows us to recover energy after a state of stress or severe fatigue; constitutes the true physical and psychological solidity of the individual; maintains short-term memory.

When to use: EMC ACQUA -D useful for dispersing if there is an imbalance due to excess or stasis of energy which manifests itself with:

  • unjustified fear, fear with excitement, rigidity of thought
  • water retention, edema, lymphatic stasis, heat in the legs, poor urination, difficulty expelling liquids
  • hirsutism and hypertrichosis

How to use: apply on the last toe and soles of the feet or on the specific recommended points, one or more times a day, massaging until completely absorbed.

Functional ingredients: birch bark * and leaves *, dandelion *, horsetail *, heather *, black elderflower * and fruit *, black currant *, thuja *, goldenrod *, passion flower.

* plant cultivated by us

INCI Ingredients: Aqua, Alcohol, Calluna vulgaris flower extract, Equisetum arvense extract, Passiflora incarnata extract, Ribes nigrum leaf extract, Solidago virgaurea extract, Taraxacum officinale root extract, Thuja occidentalis leaf extract, Betula alba bark extract, Betula alba leaf extract, Sambucus nigra flower extract, Sambucus nigra fruit extract.

Volume :Versions 50 ml or 100 ml
PAO :12M

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