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WOOD MOVEMENT is connected to the emotion of ANGER which is reflected on LIVER, CHOLECYSTS, TENDONS and LIGAMENTS, MUSCLES, EYES, NAILS.

The imperfections that appear if there is an imbalance are CELLULITE, ADIPOSITY and IMPURE SKIN. It is associated with the SPRING season. The related climate pathogen is WIND. The psycho-spiritual activity is the HUN - Soul.

ANGER is an unpleasant emotion that we experience in the face of situations of injustice, towards ourselves or others, which allows us to take action to resolve the situation, helps us take the initiative, promotes audacity to face risks. However, when it degenerates into IRA and HATE, it causes conflict, impulsiveness, aggression with violent verbal or physical manifestations, or makes us close in silence with emotions such as RANCER and RESENTMENT which translate into irony, sarcasm and revenge, causing damage to the WOOD MOVEMENT and to everything connected to it.

A good balance of the WOOD MOVEMENT gives intuition and invites us to know how to plan, have goals in life, dynamism, resourcefulness, knowing how to face changes with serenity, emotional balance, respect for others.

When to use: EMC LEGNO +T useful for toning up if there is an imbalance due to insufficient energy which manifests itself with:

  • tendency to melancholy and ease of crying, ease of fear, anxiety; restless sleep with abundant dreams
  • physical fatigue, thinness
  • difficulty in joint movement, muscle cramps and easy contractures
  • weak, thin, brittle, deformed, thickened, ingrown nails
  • dry eyes, little adaptability to twilight
  • dry or impure skin, poorly nourished, with a dull greenish complexion and little vitality

How to use: apply on the big toe and fourth toe and on the soles of the feet or on specific recommended points, one or more times a day, massaging until completely absorbed.

Functional ingredients: angelica *, mugwort *, milk thistle *, lemon, barberry *, plantain *, rosemary *.
* Plants cultivated by us

INCI Ingredients: Aqua, Alcohol, Berberis vulgaris fruit extract, Citrus limon peel extract, Plantago lanceolata extract, Angelica archangelica root extract, Artemisia vulgaris extract, Rosmarinus officinalis extract, Silybum marianum seed extract.

Volume :Versions 50 ml or 100 ml
PAO :12M

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