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The METAL MOVEMENT is connected to the emotion of SADNESS which is reflected on the LUNG, LARGE INTESTINES, SKIN AND SKIN ANNEXES and NOSE.

The blemishes that appear if there is an imbalance are SKIN ALTERATIONS and ACNE.

It is associated with the AUTUMN season. The related climate pathogen is DRYNESS. The psycho-spiritual activity is PO - body memory.

SADNESS when lived with the right balance has a positive implication because it leads to introspection, internalization, creates intimacy, is expressed in creativity, but if it is lived incorrectly it creates pessimism, leads to isolation, incommunicability and grumpiness and therefore to live the SOLITUDE up to the DEPRESSION or DESPERATION.

A good balance of the METAL MOVEMENT gives the capacity of introspection, solidity, clarity, purity, firmness; savors the sense of accomplishment; mature reflection and sensitivity that leads to compassion; promotes sharing.

When to use: EMC METALLO +T useful for toning up if there is an imbalance due to insufficient energy which manifests itself with:

  • sadness, disinterest, victimhood, resignation, aversion to speaking
  • weak cough, weak hoarse voice, itchy throat, dry mouth and throat
  • spontaneous daytime sweating, coldness tendency to catch colds, weak immune system, asthenia, aversion to cold
  • dry, rough, aged skin, enlarged pores, impure skin, acne, stretch marks

How to use: apply on the index finger, thumb and palm of the hands or on the specific recommended points, one or more times a day, massaging until completely absorbed.

Functional ingredients: mallow *, mint *, St. John's wort *, nettle *, plantain *, eucalyptus, wild thyme *, coltsfoot *.

* plant cultivated by us

INCI Ingredients: Aqua, Alcohol, Eucalyptus globulus leaf extract, Hypericum perforatum flower extract, Malva sylvestris flower/leaf extract, Mentha piperita leaf extract, Plantago lanceolata extract, Thymus serpyllum extract, Tussilago farfara flower/leaf extract, Urtica dioica leaf extract.

Volume :Versions 50 ml or 100 ml
PAO :12M

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